Sunday, 22 March 2009

SPRINT Festival proposal- site visit- Part one the cleaning cupboard/ hallway/out the back

ok, so to start to think about a site-responsive piece developing from my previous work, here follows the possible cleaning cupboard that is very tucked away (and which not even the cleaners realise is there)

cleaning products...and not

walls are quite delapidated

charity shop ticket, old toys- props, books, traces from the youth club?

the hallway stinks of urine. light only work in this part. door to right goes into the basement cellar/rehearsal room, up the stairs out the back of the theatre

"escape" written on stairs

half size door to the cupboard. ceiling light fitting inside is broken

like the arrow on the wall

heading out the back of the theatre: possible route in or out? like the idea that you only remain in the behind the scenes of the theatre

intriguing door to right

back out towards the street. turn left and your back at the theatre

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