Sunday, 1 March 2009

den the score (proposed)

Set up: a table laid with a vase of flowers, crocheted doilies, table cloth. Underneath table is a kids walkie talkie. Nearby (around 3 metres or more) a childlike den made of old curtains, bed sheets, and furniture in orange torch light.

Inside den: orange torch, pen torch, cash box and key, tray, photopaper, cards, pen, moist wipes, cloths, towel, hand fan, scissors, frames, blankets.


I’m inside the den.

I ask via the walkie talkie if there is anyone there, and to push the side button on the walkie talkie to speak.

Once get a reply, ask them if they’d like to come in the den, and then stick my hand out to show where to get inside.

Once settled, open and spread out the pack/bag of greetings cards.

Ask the participant to pick and write one to a female who was important in their life.

After writing it, ask them if they’d like to discuss who they chose, and why. Have a conversation responding to each other.

I ask the participant to place the card on the tray, get out photo paper, and photogram it using the torch light.

Bring in the shredder behind me forom outside the back of the den and shred the card. Remove the shredder again.

Develop the photogram. Wash, dry and frame the photogram.

Hand the frame to the participant to put on the table. Participant leaves den and goes to the table.

Confirms via walkie talkie when then have left the table, places it back under the table.

Starts again.


how long will each encounter take? lora has said that there's a poet who has composed for the event after seeing a listing of it- so spoken word amongst the visual art with my work hovering somewhere in between..or outside... i will stop when this poetry happens.

sooo grateful to imelda another artist in the show who picked up the den load today. i really must learn to drive. and then i could become ultra photo-portable, like genius camera truck- imagine :) and meanwhile, am just excited about the shed man coming round next weekend to chat, er garden sheds for my garden, my true sanctury, hooray!!

am thinking this is the piece i will propose to the accidental festival, the thematic is right up my street. the web info in particular says this;

"What we are looking for this year:

We are interested in all kinds of art forms and particularly in work that fuses different art forms or disciplines to create performance-based work that is contemporary and innovative. This year we are focusing on creating and developing a community of artists and audience and truly celebrating performance in all its forms over the course of the three days of the festival. The theme we are asking artists to respond to is 'connection' as we are trying to create a network of artists interested in truly connecting with their audiences and exploring collaboration across disciplines. We aim to make the festival a place where artists and audience can exchange ideas and form lasting links. We are interested in both established works and ideas that are in development or 'scratch' pieces."

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