Monday, 27 April 2009

Kiss me Miss me @ Rag factory- 30th May 2009

Found out today have been accepted for this event on 30th May, (in)visible exchange. This is a version of SPRINT piece (final name changed from Private view) so will be great to work with this audience just before the festival, and try out simultaneous encounters.

"Kiss Me Miss Me present 15 minute factory May 30 / July 18

15 minute factory brings together new and cutting-edge acts blurring the boundaries between performance, art and music.

Submissions are currently sought for this four room event at the Rag Factory off Brick Lane.

KISSED: cabaret / burlesque / spoken-word / stand-up
MISSED: performance / acoustic / video
ON THE WALL: 2d work / video
OFF THE WALL: bands / djs / vjs

roaming performance throughout

Kiss Me Miss Me is the curatorial partnership of Katharine Fry and Jung Eun Yoo"

more to follow....

Thursday, 16 April 2009

SPRINT Festival acceptance!

whoop! gosh, how exciting. I created a revised proposal and was accepted for the preview launch event in June. The piece is a combination of existing elements of different shows as well as new bits too.
the proposal which i'm tweaking, and will do so further when i scratch it in site to create a final score, is as follows below:


Private view @ SPRINT June 2009

1st proposal: Exhibition private view event.
(2nd proposal: Launch press night)

Rationale: Embracing the ideas of public and private, temporal conviviality with a stranger, being in the moment of photography, and then the moment that has passed, the letting down your guard. Playing around with ideas about private views, the public event, public persona and the behind-the-scenes of your pocket, the rehearsal room.

HP is in the normal ‘dress code’ of the event.

Movement through the site: Foyer/bar/exhibition space, into lift to basement, into rehearsal room, into kitchen, back out of kitchen, through rehearsal room, out the back door to the theatre and arrives at CP theatre in the front entrance, into the exhibition area. Accompanied by HP the whole time.

Usher/bookings: none

Outline of an encounter

• Begin encounter in bar/foyer/exhibition area

• HP asks an individual if they would like to see her work

• Asks until find someone

• HP gets out a mobile phone from her handbag and takes a phone photo of the two of them together in front of an artwork/ at the bar.

• HP plays back image and shows the participant the image. Mobile phone goes back in HP’s handbag.

• HP asks the participant if they would like to follow her

• HP takes participant to the lift and goes down in it to the basement

• HP goes to the rehearsal room door and opens it (with a key?), and switches on the side lights from the kitchen switch.

• HP sits on the floor of the rehearsal room with the participant

• HP asks the participant what they keep in their pocket/on their person, and if they'd like to share something with her.

• They then talk about the item, and associations, HP may share an item too or exchange stories triggered by the participants item.

• HP then gets up and walks to the kitchenette with the participant, opening up the serving hatch to let them both inside.

• HP pulls down the shutter, and turns off the side lights to the main room, to darkness.

• HP turns on the red light (lamp, plugged into side wall in kitchen)

• HP gets out photographic paper onto the kitchen worktop, and asks the participant to put their item on the paper. HP does the same if they also produced an object.

• HP then asks the participant to turn on the strip lights/HP leans on it and it comes on and exposes the photo paper.

• HP then gets out a cash box from under the shelves in the kitchen, puts on the kitchen worktop, and a key from her pocket and asks the participant to open the box, and put the photo paper inside.

• They watch the image appear and start to disappear.

• As the image reaches a point where it is not longer disappearing, HP gets out her mobile phone and holds it over the cash box so the image of her and the participant is seen reflected back.

• As the image completely disappears, she deletes the image.

• The box is locked and put away back under the counter.

• HP then moves towards sink, and turns on the tap, asking the participant to wash the image.

• HP then opens the archive room door and gets out a heater and asks the participant to dry the image.

• HP gets out a photo frame and bubble wrap from a cardboard box in the archive room.

• HP then pulls up the shutters, and asks the participant to stands the other side of the serving counter, with HP still in the kitchen side.

• HP puts the photo frame on the counter and frames it.

• HP gets out paper a small card exhibition label, asks the participant to write their title label to accompany their image.

• HP gets out the shredder from the archive room, plugs in and shreds the label.

• HP then wraps the frame in bubble wrap and fragile wrapping tape/parcel tape.

• HP gives this to the participant

• Shredder, heater goes back, archive door locked, lights off in rehearsal room, door closed.

• The participant and HP then leave the building via the back door fire exit.

• HP and the participant go round the front of the building and enter CP theatre via the main entrance.

• HP then asks the participant to put up the photograph as part of the exhibition.

• HP and the participant then leave one another

Event starts again.

Considerations/to check or work out:

  • the flow of this needs scratching, the opening especially.
  • how to select people. stickers, bookings, random from foyer? find out about the launch event itself.
  • singular or multiple encounters happening simultaneously? what is gained, what is lost?
  • the photogram pinned up- will need to test pins in the surface or put up some board (eg area of white painted pinboard screwed to the wall) . Establishing wall for the photograms
  • how will the launch event be laid out (where dj etc)
  • will the other work on the foyer walls will be documentation of performances? Will there be exhibition name labels, as it could be good to match this if possible, or I can use foam board.
  • thinking about the piece working alongside another one hour performance - is this a stand and watch for an hour event? How to ensure that people are back in the place they need to be at a certain time.
  • check I will have the entire downstairs rooms and corridors (not the electricity hazard ones) to move through/be in - rehearsal room, small cleaners cupboard corridor as discussed,front stair entrance, back entrance, lift, and if needed the toilet spaces (with more performers it may be good to use these)

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Postal Art Collective- The Art Department: third intervention (my second)

so... here's the second intervention i made, inverting through the photogram darkroom technique and not fixing the resultant images. how much will they fade by the time they return to me? will it be obvious they are changing, what will the response be? am intrigued. i like the ghostly trail of these lost identities through the inversion, inspired by or the actual photos, from this book i bought on ebay. for the previous images I was responding to by E. Brass, and for more about the project see here