Sunday, 1 March 2009


quickly........must get to etiquette this month in my time off (a review here) , and other autoteatro experimental participatory works where they are bodily detached from the work which the viewer performs- am intrigued to see how this feels sitting on the other side as participant, how much is entirely acted and how much is open to chance? what does it feel like to be using a headset for my aural stimulus detaching me from my surroundings and enabling intimacy. i like the look of this too wondermart, brings back my hideous supermarket working days, which filled up my fine art BA days. the company, which i wrote about are showing at BAC at end of march. ant hampton also co-created the brilliantly-witty-yet-poignant, spoof live art programme at the ICA, True Riches, which like lyn gardner wrote,shows that the art form 'does have cultural urgency' with its offer of this virtual live art programming.

and must post den get on top of writing up some of the awkwardness-cum-frolicksomeness that has stayed with me from the NRLA.

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