Sunday, 8 March 2009

the den @ not a f******* art show, trinity buoy wharf: the final installation and to the future

den @ not a f******* art show

for the final installation of den which remains for the rest of the show, post the exchanges on the private view, I moved the table closer to the den. In retrospect it physically sits here better, proximity allowing it now as a whole piece to read and relate better to the issues in the exhibition of female, feminine, feminist. It's interesting the idea of the work being both a functional site of exchange and then a final installation, to be viewed finally as an art object- the audience shifting from participant to spectator- am not entirely sure it works in this duality. Perhaps thinking more about this now, this transformation needs further consideration as its not something I have concerned myself with, the entire site of exchange now becoming a public gallery installation. The latter given its surrounded by other art objects, did I need more written explanation as to what-had-been , or is it enough alone, dens by their nature are ambiguous (what's going on in there?) and in fact this parallels nicely with the ambiguous nature of photographs, we view without a context unless it is uttered/defined? the viewer is perhaps to read the black photograms with the sense of the moment that has passed but they are not party to what that moment was, as is the fundamental point of the work?? I think that if I am to situate my portable work in a gallery space again, I really need to think more about this. even a sign saying installation relic of the exchanges??

The neighbouring work is by Imelda Culleton in which she transforms the elderly as protesters into icons, and considers our treatment of them;

here's a close up of a final photogram;

the exposed beams and walls adds to the nostalgic and redundant aesthetic of the den

I have applied to the accidental festival with this piece or an adaptation of it depending on the location, acoustics, and the notion of it being made of fabric that its' walls have ears, a quite, comtemplative space or a very public thoroughfare or bar environment? need to consider if it is to be viewed as both a installation and a site of exchange, although the nature of it being a festival of performance and not a gallery may be enough and there may be a quick set up/ get out for the installation element to not be relevant...... if not may need to research practitioner's who work in this way. of performance and installation....

to the very keen to consider the portability of the work and the domestic/commercial or non performance/gallery space. met at gary steven's lab the other day Ann Rapstoff, and we chatted about participatory work outside conventional spaces, and her takeaway project (take home/away an art work/performance from a takeaway food outlet) as well as artwash, a working launderette that brings in live performance and installation works.

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