Wednesday, 1 October 2008

shed-and-a-half gallery upcoming show

i'm also doing a show as part of Photomonth 2008 on 23rd and 25th October at the shed-and-a-half gallery, which lives on a rooftop in shoreditch...

here's the latest information from the shed and a half gallery website:

What not to wear? explores the relationship between the redundant and the nostalgic through the dual narrative of a past-industrial site of a haberdashery factory and redundant items of clothing we no longer wear. The two sheds of the gallery are also important as both a site of secrecy, and where forgotten or discarded items end up.

This show is a three phase event. Firstly, in CLOTHING there are intimate performances for one at a time in a staged darkroom exploring photograms and clothing. The private view event, PHOTOS, is then intended as a cathartic and collective experience sharing photos of audience members wearing forgotten/embarrassing/lost items of clothing, mediated through photographic manipulation of the live projected destruction of the clothing’s image within the Shed and a half gallery rooftop environment.

The FINAL EVENT will be a short viewing of the installation relics in the half shed, as a single group that would have met off site collectively and then go to a pub nearby for an informal talk about the work and feedback.

Wednesday 22nd October
2-6.15pm one-to-ones, What not to wear- CLOTHING.
6.30-9 private view, What not to wear - PHOTOS

Saturday 25th October
12-4 one-to-ones, What not to wear- CLOTHING
4.30-6 What not to wear- FINAL EVENT. Installation viewing 4.30-5, followed by post show discussion in a nearby venue tbc.

Event details:

CLOTHING: A participatory performance for one at a time. Participants are required to bring an unwanted item of soft clothing they no longer wear to surrender- they will not get the item back.

PHOTOS- Participants are required to bring a photograph of them wearing an outfit/item of clothing they no longer wear to surrender- they will not get the photograph back. Photocopies not accepted.

FINAL EVENT: Installation viewing of the final relics of performance and post show discussion, near gallery, venue tbc

NB All events strictly by appointment only and participants must agree to bring item(s) required. Please book asap to avoid disappointment.

Booking: via email stating in the header which event(s) you are booking for to You can come to as many as you wish! Any further information please contact Harriet on 07900 563631 or email as given.

Central to the work are theories in the work of Roland Barthes and Tino Sehgal, the first for his theories of the ‘mortality’ of the paper based photograph as an ‘impossible’ record of ‘now,’ and the latter for the fleeting materiality of his art works. Poole is researching principles of non-matrixed theatre and audience participation through the subversion of time based media practices. She is also experimenting with pushing the temporal nature of performance through marrying with the temporal nature of photography, placing the process of image making intrinsically at the heart of an intimate and participatory, performative experience.

About the artist:
Poole's approach to photography is to experiment with both the low and the high tech, from pinhole photography and photograms, to holgas and film SLR, to digital SLR and live feed and pre-recorded film, and found photographs and slides. She has a wide ranging style and use of technique that fuses the photographic with the performative; her work in her MA has put the spectator as participant directly in the process of image making in a staged darkroom in gallery and non-gallery spaces.

For further information on the artist's work please see

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