Sunday, 19 October 2008

duckie thoughts and website

just a note to say, i will be reflecting on here my thoughts on The Darkroom @ duckie last night shortly and feedback would be welcome :) i'm feeling elated about the whole experience- a new departure for me- a much less rehearsed approach for the dialogue, just following a score for actions- feels good, i'm no actor, nor wish to be, engaging in real conversations being in the real here and now moment like the moment of the act of photography. and a huge thanks to the ever so lovely laura bean for co-performing my piece, mitch for the fantastic curatorial input and just generally great support, as well as the wonderful participants that we whisked off the dance floor to the labyrinth beyond, shared with us both so openly, a real privilege to have met you all.

...and on the website front it's in the process of being this space as they say....
and meantime, as today is my birthday and i'm eating a big chocolate bear with my name on it, and off to the delightful camille at the roundhouse.



Pogonophile said...

Hello there.

I was one of the participants in your Darkroom @ Duckie, on Saturday; I've written a bit about it on my own blog. Thankyou for an unexpected, unusual and intriguing experience that made my night - and have a happy birthday today!

Mz. Noodle said...

Was such a fun evening! I loved you in that space. I think the juxtaposition of leaving that packed party atmosphere to the intimate and unexpected space beyond the door was really nice and the unscriptedness of the interaction suits you well.

My favorite iteration of your show so far.