Wednesday, 1 October 2008

duckie night out- 27th september

ok- so really enjoyed this night- great vibe, really good and not so cabaret/live acts, bit like a party in your living room with your student union old music- neneh cherry, kate bush, suede...dress code seems to be mixed- some dressed up, live acts were if it was part of their act, few burlesque ladies, mostly jeans wearing cute boys with beards and stripey jumpers ;) met the guy daniel who designed the duckie flyer, he lived the shed camera obscura idea for REAL as a kid- his auntie had a gypsy caravan with a knot hole....lovely

performance wise, i think anything would go down here- more provocative the better, innuendo and brash reigns. revisited the upstairs for noise levels- it was coming through the floor but not banging so voices still were completely audible for conversations in the upstairs space. was thinking about the idea of starting with me going and asking people myself from the dancefloor, if they wanted to go upstairs to the darkroom, then taking the photo, publicly of me and them, with the mobile phone picture on the dancefloor, before proceeding upstairs together for the rest of the encounter as per previous post. andrew thought it would be good to have a flyer on the door saying you may be propositioned to go to the darkroom tonight and so that people are aware, i could go round asking people is they wanted to go with me, if they say no move onto the next. thinking about this, i could waste a lot of time with this, a badge system may work better- wear it if you are up for the darkroom?

the other issue as i've been working on this over the last couple of days, is the issue of it being 5 minutes per encounter- i don't think in cases where people opened up and talked, that this would be possible, 10 minutes more likely, which gives issues for the 5 minutes set- some encounters may well be this or less though- does it matter? another performer? that would be good with the idea of bumping into each other/brushing past one another in both using the space- people appearing and disappearing into rooms, knocking on doors- soliciting connotations...just to think about for now...hmmm...

outfit? possibly my gun metal grey and black dotty netted dress, fishnets and heels and big pink rosette :) a dressed up self

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