Saturday, 16 May 2009

Postal Art Collective- The Art Department- Sketchbook 2- First intervention

so.... in continuing the postal art project with my first intervention into this ferrari diary i was sent, here's the entry I made about the trip away keeping the diary with me as though through the eyes of phillip gage, the diary owner, recording visually the accounts of what was experienced- sightseeing, restaurants, car parks. these images are intended as a mark made as piece of process, so encourage intervention, i'm not entirely sure they interact yet.

the last image 'attitude of a winner' i love. what a slogan, eh. i'm going to head to the spanking new ferrari store on regent street for inspiration (phillip gage's dirty dream no doubt) for the where next. it isn't online for the london store, but there are some gems here....meanwhile it's been sent back to the sketchbook owner for their intervention......

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