Saturday, 16 May 2009

Postal Art Collective- The Art Department- Sketchbook 2

Ok, so this is where it starts, the sketchbook i am sent to respond to. a joe bloggs man, very neatly recording his very ordinary life feeling obliged to take his kids to church in sunday, who works in insurance, wants a flashy sports car but his wife abi gets him this ferrari diary instead......who then goes off the rails and spends 5 months losing the plot gradually in hospital, fantasising about the nurse and scrawling his enraged thoughts across the pages til the end photo above climaxing in his 'bitch' wife selling his ferrari. to be honest its bloody funny, good little anecdotes and observations.

this is a real challenge to respond to, i want to bring the visual and performative into it. the whole concepts of diaries, why we keep them, these secret locked away worlds that is then shattered when others' sneak a look in, that we start with good intentions that then often peters out. the whole relationship to how this has often been replaced with online versions of real time recording our actions and thoughts in twitter, and use of blogs could also be of consideration.

in the next post i will show photos of how i have made my intervention......

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