Tuesday, 3 February 2009

zine, open for contributions

am just starting out in a bit of a new art group coming out of some of the people in crystal palace artists group that was. linda duffy from the group sent me this; and to pass onto those that might be interested (are you a site/space/place artist that's interested? email at bottom)

Point of Departure (Working Title)

A zine (an abbreviation of the word fanzine, or magazine; pronounced [zi_n], "zeen") is most commonly a small circulation, non-commercial publication of original or appropriated texts and images. More broadly, the term encompasses any self-published work of minority interest usually reproduced via photocopier on a variety of colored paper stock. Wikipedia

Emerging and mid career artists, writers, placemakers, urbanists. The publication will offer a platform for developing and sharing creative perceptions, critical contexts and projects responding to or departing from places, spaces and sites.

Articles, graphic novelettes, photo essays, briefs for conceptual projects, discussion, further reading.

Production and Distribution
A series of 10 free, no-budget mini-zines, produced as 3-4 double-sided A4, black and white photocopies, also made available as downloadable pdfs via website.
The project builds towards a compiled version produced to commercial standard, distributed through specialist arts outlets and sold at a not for profit price point. Additional funding will be sought toward this stage of production.

Unfortunately we are not currently able to offer remuneration to contributors, as this is currently an unfunded, non-commercial project. We intend to seek funding to cover the costs of production, promotion and distribution of the first compiled version.

Critical Context
At a time of growing interest in work that is site-specific or responding to sites/places/spaces, it is useful to ask 'what is driving such work?'
In what ways is such work different to what has come before? How easy/difficult is it for emerging artists working in this way to find opportunities and situate their work within a broader critical context? What are the appropriate audiences for such work? Perhaps this zine could speak to such questions...
Furthermore, we ask how we value this kind of work. How do we create economic value for it? What value does it add to society (assuming it does)? How can the value added be remunerated? How might we consider these discourses and practices in the context of regeneration?

For further information contact:
John Hartley - johntonta@googlemail.com; Linda Duffy - lm_duffy@yahoo.com

some initial thoughts from the top of my head.......

i particularly like "briefs for conceptual projects" as i'm really into my new toy of using scores for my work that others follow, it started with my Duckie show laura took part in. So, for me, perhaps a series of scores using sites, e.g. starting with 'find a closet and make it lightight' then going through a series of actions, with direct instructions and some parts more open to interpretation. when i did shed, i really liked the way that my one single instruction was ambiguous, " Pick a flower that mean something to you." Some chose a flower and picked it up still in its pot, others literally, picked it from the stem.this reinforced the mortality nature of my work, death of flower more immediate in the latter action mirrored in the death of the photographic image in the exchange.

I also really like www.learningtoloveyoumore.com where briefs are given and people submit responses, i have been using that a lot with my students. perhaps the zine for me could be an entry on a score and the responses OR just an offer of artistic scores, where i exist as the author, is there a way for dialogue post the zine, maybe i should try the zine way as well as a learningtoloveyoumore way hmmmmmmm......this could also be a way to create some kind of documentation for my work, the old chesnut that continues to stump me as i don't document the personal encounters.....ahhhh.....

the question, "how we value this kind of work" to me also asks why we value this kind of work. i like making the familiar unfamiliar as well as a different of familiarity, an ordinary closet of mops and tools into a den of secrecy...its the same site but not as we once thought we knew it.

we'll meet up again next week, hope to thrash out some ideas, i think i should investigate others' artistic scores, back to tino sehgal et al......

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Laura Bean said...

Hey Love!

I am loving the learning to love you more website!!

I've always quite liked happenings and am finding it interesting to spend some time contemplating how our media (oh yes-my old chestnut!) and communication tools are enabling the principles of those happenings from the 60's to change.

I think it is the principle of chance and individual interpretation on a given score or 'assignment' that really plays a part in my intrigue. It is something that I keep coming back to at the moment: How putting something that you instigated out into the social sphere and how it evolves, and changes the meaning beyond your control... although I don't think that that is the underlying point in you creating a score is it?

As for zines - I am really excited about the idea... am going to have a good think and then get back on my blog! Shame you can't make it tomorrow I'll be missing you. Call me when you get time this week