Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Setting up for "Private View"- First Thursday, Regent studios

here's the latest reincarnation of my secret-hiding-places-come-darkroom-den .......original site of cupboard at edge of studio

moved to edge of room near entrance

considering how to use the top surface- artist's paraphernalia- postcards, portfolio, comments book, built into the experience

now getting inside, looking out

and inside looking down. no shoes in here- letting your hair down :)

i really like this working cupboard, traces of its function, working within these

light leaks- needs eliminating- gaffer ahoy....

nasty nails made safe

how to sit, side on to each other? try this out in different body postures and proximities. i remember jordan mckenzie once saying to me in a tutorial i should try decreasing proximity to increase intimacy, i have found people saying that could be will this extreme physical closeness affect my work, will people actually let down their guard, be private in a private view?

making it den like- duvet and cushion inside found in the studio, although like the idea of using old duvet my parents gave me- 70s floral, fits with the stepping back into the nostalgic, memory lane ideas

the bar will be behind. opening shouldn't be too busy, keeping gangway clear

local hardware shop came up trumps with this cute pocket fan one pound bargain:)

presenting the relics

am keen to use this as an experimental platform, may switch between DSLR and mobile phone camera, see how each one works differently. vary how i approach a potential participant, how to approach those that know my work, treat everyone the same, is everyone to be a stranger?

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