Saturday, 7 November 2009

Site visit for A Performative Interlude: Peckham Literary Festival with Neither am I

Following our collaboration in June this year, I have been asked by Neither Am I to develop a piece as part of their forthcoming night in a bookshop.

Here's the blurb,

"Neither Am I: Live In Peckham

Descend into the depths of the Peckham book scene for an anonymous ménage-a-quatre with literary outcasts Neither Am I.

Tonight, the masked mongoloids will ride their verbal combine harvester over the barricades of suburban ennui, book lust and rectal discomfort, taking in an early nineties house party and the secret nocturnal habits of Jim Davidson along the way.

Making their second appearance at the Peckham Literary Festival, this performance includes works from their brand new paperback anthology, which will be exclusively available on the night for the first time.

Plus, fresh from the video shop destruction of the Apollo, performance artist Harriet Poole will be at large in the shop’s cellar for a very special tete-a-tete with curious customers.

Entry free. Doors and drinks at 7.30pm. On-‘stage’ 9pm (doors will be shut before performance so please arrive in good time).

Thursday 19th November @ Review Bookshop, 131 Bellenden Rd Peckham London SE15 4QY/ Tel: 020 7639 7400"

From Neither Am I

This is the space downstairs at the rather lovely Review Bookshop. Upstairs its full of a wide range of contemporary books and quirky objects to peruse.

the events room- book readings etc

cosy alcove for a tete a tete....
view out of room-access is via a staircase

the alcove is lit with glass bricks in the ceiling. the ambient light from the street is orange and quite mysteriously calming. i want to sit here with the participants, in the dark with only the streetlight, in a falsely cosy one-to-one, performatively exploring the melodramatic romp of a trashy romance novel lived out through two strangers....its to be a far from glamorous foray of innane boredom, betrayal, playboys and stallions. oh yes.

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