Saturday, 31 January 2009

Postal Art Collective- The Art Department: The Second sketchbook

ok, so this is the sketchbook I am sharing with M. Franklin. like the photo-sketchbook i created and have sent off to share with E. Brass, M. Franklin has sent this for me to work on this month and to mail back by 25th February.

Interesting how it's a moleskine which was my choice if i had worked with a blank book, as i love the pockets, i think i will start stashing secret things in there. i was excited by the cover, and panicky a little by its contents. i think this is going to be a good challenge for me as the work is very alien to my practice, although it does have photos in the mixed media. the first thoughts are returning to flickr (or is this just as I'm completely without idea and being lazy, OR should I see this as another photo-reading experiment?), i see barbed wire and autumn leaves, is there anything in any of this?;

flickr images from search here

the beauty of flickr is that you do get people's responses to images, through people leaving comments, and a dialogue thread sometimes between them, and captions people give to images, sometimes bizarre, sometimes perhaps, unnecessary as its quite visually obvious, although necessary for searches. can i make more of this flickr dialogue? shall i start exploring text? i used flickr comments to photos of graveside floral tributes in my stand up comedy act from July last year (see MA blog)

am also thinking of just simply collecting things i see in the envelope at the back and seeing if maybe there's a starting point there. maybe something, maybe nothing......material to use this month or in the other idea is to work through and document mini-tasks in this fab book; Guerilla Art, through looking it up I found this book about how to develop/wreck a sketchbook by the same author!! Wreck this journal
One to tell the Class monitors running this project!!!

UPDATED 8TH MARCH 2009: This sketchbook was requested by the class monitors to exchange for another so I did not work on this one (a relief to be honest as it wasn't very stimulating to respond to) has arrived and is a written ferrari diary...more to follow...

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